The Anne and Edgar Basse Jr. Author Talk Series, Presented by the University Library

About the Series

The Anne and Edgar Basse Jr. Author Talk Series showcases the creative and scholarly works produced by members of the Washington and Lee University community. During each installment of this series, held within Leyburn Library, a W&L author speaks about a recently published monographic work, fields audience questions, and is available to sign copies of the discussed book.

Author talk speakers are encouraged to discuss their work as they see fit. Past lectures have included discussions of the research and publication process, readings from published texts, and even dramatic performances. Talks typically last 45 minutes to one hour.

The University Library serves as more than just the host of this series. W&L authors heavily utilize library services when preparing manuscripts–often using books, articles, inter-library loan services, librarian expertise, and more during the writing and research process. After publication, the library also preserves copies of these works in our Faculty Publications Collection, housed in Special Collections & Archives.

This connection between university scholarship and its ultimate preservation in Special collections is why the Anne and Edgar Basse Jr. Endowment serves as the perfect sponsor for this series. The fund was created in 1988 to support the varied activities of the University’s Special Collections and Archives—including authorial book signings.

Flyer for Debra Prager Author Talk
December 2014
Flyer for Uva de Aragon & Jeff Barnett Author Talk
March 2015
Flyer for Deborah Miranda Author Talk
October 2015
Flyer for Melissa Kerin Author Talk
November 2015
Flyer for Domnica Radulescu Author Talk
November 2015
Flyer for Stephen Lind Author Talk
January 2016
Flyer for David Bello Author Talk
February 2016
Flyer for Chris Gavaler & Lesley Wheeler Author Talk
March 2016
Flyer for Ellen Mayock Author Talk
September 2016
Flyer for Tom Williams Author Talk
October 2016
Flyer for Michelle Brock Author Talk
February 2017
Flyer for Alecia Swasy Author Talk
March 2017
Flyer for George Bent Author Talks
April 2017
Flyer for Seth Michelson Author Talk
November 2017
Flyer for Jenefer Davies Author Talk
February 2018
Flyer for Bill Patch Author Talk
May 2018

Become a Featured Author

Are you a W&L faculty member who has recently published or will soon publish a book? If so, you are eligible to be a featured speaker in the University Library Author Talk Series.

If you are interested in giving an Author Talk, please contact Elizabeth Teaff, Associate Professor and Head of Access Services.

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