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Monochrome (black & white): $.10/page for student printing
Color: $.30/page for student printing

Undergraduate students receive a “Print Subsidy”
$20 for Fall Term/ $20 for Winter Term/ $10 for Spring Term

Copies made with student IDs are charged to students’ personal accounts. Once the subsidy is depleted, students will incur a charge each month for the output created that month. 
Undergraduate balances are set to the new subsidy at the beginning of each term.  Unused subsidies DO NOT carry over from term to term. 

To check your printing balance email:
If you think you may have been over-charged for printing, state the month(s) in which you believe they were over-charged in the body of the email.

Departmental PIN copies are charged to the department. 
Copies made with faculty/staff University IDs are charged to the employee’s department.


There is no fax machine in the library for student use or other public use.

  • Our photocopy machines can create PDFs which you can send as email attachments.
  • Inquire at the to get help with sending or receiving faxes through RightFax.
  • You can also send PDFs to fax numbers with any web browswer. There are a number of companies that offer this services (some are free and some require payment).
    Here are some examples:


(1) Reserve a room in Leyburn (we recommend M40, M41, or M42)

(2) If needed, and not using the rooms listed above check out a web camera at the Information Desk in Leyburn Library

(3) Check out a Chat 150/160 Microphone at the Information Desk in Leyburn Library

(4) Make sure you have a Skype account

For more help email: or check out this info


Firefox (Best Option):
1) Click on PDF;
2) Read and then click “OK” to agree to the Terms and Conditions of JSTOR;
Note: You have the option to decline the Terms and Conditions if you do not agree to them, however, if you do so you will not be able to proceed in the printing process
3) Save File –>this option should save to downloads or directly to desktop;
4) File –>Print.

1) Click on PDF;
2) Read and then click “OK” to agree to the Terms and Conditions of JSTOR;
Note: You have the option to decline the Terms and Conditions if you do not agree to them, however, if you do so you will not be able to proceed in the printing process
3) Select an Adobe View for the PDF;
4) Go to Places –>Applications –>Select Adobe Reader –>Read and the click “accept” to agree to the Adobe Terms and Conditions;
Note: You have the option to decline the Terms and Conditions if you do not agree to them, however, if you do so you will not able to proceed in the printing process
5) File –>Print.

More Info:
If the PDF version of the document will not load, make sure that you do not have more than one instance of JSTOR open. Depending on which browser you have chosen to use, you may have more than one tab or window open. Close any additional instances of the article and try to load your article again.

Have more questions? Contact a librarian


Citation managers collect and organize reference data.

More information on citation managers.




There are public copiers (BizHub Multi-Function Print Devices) located in Leyburn Library:

  • (3) on the main floor, and
  • (1) on lower level one.

The Telford Science Library has a photocopy machine its the main floor near the Circulation Desk.

Instructions for Photocopying and Scanning.


W&L students, faculty, and staff can use our subscription databases from off-campus locations throughout the world.

You MUST enter the database, such as JSTOR, through the library site.  You will be prompted to enter your network ID and password. You cannot go directly to database sites, such as

Connection Problems:

Occasionally off-campus W&L researchers are not prompted for a network ID and password when they connect to one of our databases. If this happens, try the following:

  • Go to the proxy server login page;
  • Use your network ID and password;
  • Navigate to the desired database.

If the steps above do not work then the problem may be the security setting on the computer or the network you are using.  The firewall on some institutional or corporate networks may prevent access our databases.

Have more questions? Contact a librarian.


If you’re a W&L faculty member, staff or student, use any available Internet connection, on-campus or off-campus, and use a Web browser* to access this page:  Follow the steps, entering your W&L username and password when prompted. After you complete this step, you’ll connect to W&L’s wireless network automatically whenever you’re in range.

*Mac users, use Firefox (not Chrome) as your browser.

Still have questions? Email

If you’re not a member of the W&L community, find the wireless network named “wlu,” connect, and open a Web browser. Enter your e-mail address, or, if you’re a sponsored guest and have been provided with credentials for temporary access to W&L’s wireless network, enter the user name and password that was provided to you.


Leyburn Library, Main Floor

  • Macs and PCs for student/faculty use are available in the Innovation Lab. Several computers have attached scanners. All PCs have Adobe CS, statistical software, Microsoft Office, etc. and dual monitors. The Macs have imovie, Adobe CS, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Computers are available for Guest Access (no log-in needed) across from the Information Desk.

Leyburn Library, Lower Level 1

  • A Mac computing lab is located on Lower Level 1. Each computer has dual monitors.

Leyburn Library, Lower Level 3

  • A PC computing lab, is located on Lower Level 3 in Room 301. Each computer has dual monitors.

Additional Computing Resources

  • Additional computing labs are available on campus. Contact 540.458.HELP (4357) for more information.


To get help with computer hardware and/or software issues, you should visit the ITS Help Desk, located at the Information Desk in Leyburn Library.  They are available Monday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

For after hours help, email  Someone from ITS will contact you about your problem during business hours.


Leyburn Library has one Bloomberg terminal, available for use by W&L students, faculty, and staff. The terminal is located on the north side of the Main Floor, around the corner from the Writing Center (M11).

  • There is NO networked access to this database. Passwords are kept at the Information Desk in Leyburn Library.
  • There is no printing from this database.
  • A set of “Getting Started” instructions are kept next to the terminal.
  • There are online training materials available through the Bloomberg terminal if you get into their help section and select “learn more” — “Bloomberg Basics” — “Learn More” on the resulting list, you will see “Bloomberg University” and other training options. These are provided by Bloomberg to get new users started with the system.
  • An excellent detailed overview is available from Cornell University. (Some aspects of Cornell’s access may not apply at W&L.) A brief introduction is available from Investopedia.


USE SKYPE TO CALL ANYONE IN THE WORLD FOR FREE: Skype ( /ˈskaɪp/) is a proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol service and software application created in 2003. It is currently owned by Microsoft. Skype allows for voice, video, and instant messaging over the internet. In order to use Skype, you will need to create an account with Skype and create a “Skype Name”. Make sure you also have the “Skype Name” of the person you want to contact.

Skype us @ elizabeth.anne.teaff or brandon.r.bucy

Improve your Skype exprience:
Check out a Chat 150/106 phone at the Library Library.

Help with sound for both PCs & MACs:


Technology items (laptops, camcorders, projectors, etc.) are not renewable. They are in high demand so we try to keep the check-out periods short.

Other technology items are available on a first-come-first serve basis to current W&L University undergraduate students, faculty, & staff. Most of items are available for 7 days. Additional loan time may be requested at time of check-out.


Yes, the University Library offers ebooks on various types of software and hardware. You need a W&L network username and password to view them off-campus.

Search our catalog by keyword or browse by category.

Have more questions? Contact a librarian.


For general printing and scanning needs you can use the biz-hub photocopy machines in the Leyburn Library and the Telford Science Library. They can print and scan in color or black and white.

Information on using the photocopy machines.

Information on large format printing (poster production).

Have more questions? Contact a librarian.


  • Northen Auditorium (Leyburn, Level 1)has a VCR/DVD player.
  • Room 201 (Leyburn, Level 2) has a VCR/DVD player.
  • Room 220 (Leyburn, Level 2) has a VCR/DVD player.

Leyburn, M47 has auxiliary hookups for a VCR (or any video device). To request a VCR for M47 email: or call 540.458.4357

Have more questions? Contact a librarian


Film that is printed with miniature versions of documents and pictures (newspaper, magazine, etc.)

Information about the University Library’s microfilm machines and microfilm collection

Have more questions? Contact a librarian.


Yes, we have instructions and tutorials for hardware and software.

For questions, contact: or 540.458.HELP (4357)


The University Library offers data manipulation and statistical support services to students, faculty and staff. Carol Hansen Karsch, the library’s Data and Statistical Support Specialist, can provide assistance throughout the various phases of quantitative research projects.

Ms. Karsch can be reached at Leyburn Library in room M35, via email or by phone at 540.458.8980.

More information on Working with Data

If you need help finding business or economic data contact: John Tombarge


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