How do I log in to the Bloomberg terminal in Leyburn Library?

Leyburn Library has one Bloomberg terminal, available for use by W&L students, faculty, and staff. The terminal is located on the north side of the Main Floor, around the corner from the Writing Center (M11).

  • There is NO networked access to this database. Passwords are kept at the Information Desk in Leyburn Library.
  • There is no printing from this database.
  • A set of “Getting Started” instructions are kept next to the terminal.
  • There are online training materials available through the Bloomberg terminal if you get into their help section and select “learn more” — “Bloomberg Basics” — “Learn More” on the resulting list, you will see “Bloomberg University” and other training options. These are provided by Bloomberg to get new users started with the system.
  • An excellent detailed overview is available from Cornell University. (Some aspects of Cornell’s access may not apply at W&L.) A brief introduction is available from Investopedia.

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