I have fines with the library. Will this prevent me from graduating?

No, however W&L Undergraduate students with fines totaling $50.00 or more may be blocked from registering for classes or from obtaining transcripts until the fines have been paid.

Login to view Your Library Account to see a list of materials you have checked-out. Contact the Information Desk 540.458.8643 if you have further questions.

Students can pay their overdue fines with canned goods. The items will be donated to W&L’s Campus Kitchen project. This arrangement applies only to current W&L students; and lost library materials must be paid for with cash, check, General debit, or charge.

  • $1-5 in Fines = 2 cans
  • $6-10 in Fines = 4 cans
  • $11-20 in Fines = 8 cans
  • $21-50 in Fines = 16 cans

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