Where are the study spaces in the library?

  • LEYBURN MAIN FLOOR: The front part of this floor, toward Washington Hall, is intended for collaboration; those individuals looking for quiet study should use the back of the floor (towards Woods Creek) or the lower levels. Group Study Rooms (M40, M41, M42) may be reserved here.
  • LEYBURN THIRD FLOOR: Room 321 has been designated for quiet study, contemplation, reading, or other quiet occupations. NO computers or phones allowed in this room unless they are turned off while using this space. MP3 players allowed with earbuds.
  • LEYBURN(OTHER LOCATIONS): There are several individual and small-group study rooms on levels 2 through 4 that are available for transient use.
  • TELFORD SCIENCE FOURTH FLOOR: There are group study areas located on this floor for transient use.

Students may not leave their belongings in any area (other than their assigned carrel or locked study) for more than 24 hours. Unattended items will be moved to the Library’s Lost & Found located behind the Information Desk.

For personal use, we offer carrels & locked studies In order to prevent theft, items of value should not be left unattended in either Library or in your library carrel.

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