LSAB Logo Design Contest: Open to current W&L students only

The Library Student Advisory Board, or LSAB, needs your help! We are an Executive Committee subcommittee that is dedicated to bringing a distinctly student perspective to the auditing and improvement of library services, spaces, collections, and programming. We need a new logo and just like everything we do, we would like student input! See below for the prizes, rules, and how to submit a design to be entered in this contest.

Prizes – Main Street Lex Gift Cards

  • 1st – $100
  • 2nd – $50
  • 3rd – $25

Keep it simple!

Design standards: To make sure your designs look best, please follow the following standards

  • Minimum size: 960 x 960px
  • Maximum size: 2040 x 8160px
  • Use a transparent/white background (where possible), don’t add borders around designs to the submission.
  • File formats: PNG, JPG, PDF, or anything else that you can easily send
  • Submit: Email your logo to to enter your design.

Deadline: April 30, 2022 at 11:59pm EST

Questions? Email!

Contest open to current Washington and Lee University students only. Students will retain copyright to any and all images entered in this contest, but, by voluntarily entering the contest, students agree to grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual license to Washington and Lee University, for the use and benefit of the Washington and Lee University Library, for the purpose of being the logo of the Library Student Advisory Board, and for non-commercial use in future promotions.

Winter Break 2021-22 Hours

For Telford & Leyburn Libraries:

  • Friday, December 17: Close at 6pm
  • Saturday, December 18 through Sunday, January 2: Closed
  • Monday, January 3 through Friday, January 7: Open 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • Saturday, January 8: Closed
  • Sunday, January 9: Open at noon & resume academic hours

Questions? Email

Thanksgiving Break Hours

University Library November Break Hours

Telford & Leyburn Library

  • Friday, November 19: Close at 6pm
  • Saturday/Sunday, November 20-21: Closed
  • Monday, November 22 and Tuesday, November 23: Open 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday, November 24 through Saturday, November 27: Closed
  • Sunday, November 28: Open at noon & resume 24/7 hours

Celebrating Our Graduating Student Workers


Although we will miss them, we are exceedingly proud of our graduating student workers’ accomplishments. To honor their contributions to the library, each year we curate a display of books purchased in their honor. Each student selects a title and a dedicatory bookplate appears at the beginning of every volume.

To the class of 2021, especially those who ensured continued library operations during this very unique academic year, congratulations!

Graduating Seniors & Their Book Selections

Access Services & The Information Desk

Research Help

Special Collections

Span275 Instagram Takeover

Prof. Julia Hernández’s SPAN 275 is taking over the library’s Instagram this week—all posts are in Spanish! Below is an English translation of Prof. Hernández’s description of this assignment:

This fall, Spanish 275 explored the breadth of Spanish-language materials in Special Collections, with the help of Tom Camden, Seth McCormick-Goodhart, and Emily Cook…Observing the protection measures against COVID established by W&L, the class visited Special Collections to examine resources, always practicing good social distancing during their time in the library…We write in Spanish to recognize the role this language plays in the community of W&L, Lexington and beyond.

Follow @wlulibrary on Instagram to see SPAN 275’s current and forthcoming posts!

W&L Joins HathiTrust

W&L has become the newest member of HathiTrust, a global collaborative of research and academic libraries working towards its mission to ensure that the cultural record is preserved and accessible long into the future. Today, HathiTrust offers reading access to the fullest extent allowable by U.S. copyright law, computational access to the entire corpus for scholarly research, and other emerging services based on the combined collection. HathiTrust members steward this collection under the aims of scholarly, not corporate, interests. HathiTrust holds the largest set of digitized books managed by the academic, research, and library community.

Access W&L’s HathiTrust membership [For current W&L students, faculty, and staff. Login required]

What is HathiTrust?

Launched in 2008, HathiTrust has a growing membership currently comprising more than two hundred libraries.

Over the last twelve years, members have contributed more than 17.4 million volumes to the digital library, digitized from their library collections through a number of means including Google and Internet Archive digitization and in-house initiatives. More than 6.5 million of the contributed volumes are in the U.S. public domain and freely available online.

HathiTrust serves a dual role. First, as a trusted repository it guarantees the long-term preservation of the materials it holds, providing the expert curation and consistent access long associated with research libraries. Second, as a service for members and the public good, HathiTrust offers persistent access to the digital collections. This includes viewing, downloading, and searching public domain volumes, and searching access to copyrighted works. Specialized features are also available which facilitate access by persons with print disabilities, and allow users to gather subsets of the digital library into “collections” that can be searched and browsed.

What does Hathi mean?

HathiTrust was named for the Hindi word for elephant, hathi, symbolic of the qualities of memory, wisdom, and strength evoked by elephants, as well as the huge undertaking of congregating the digital collections of libraries in the United States and beyond. HathiTrust is funded by member libraries and governed by members of the libraries through its Board of Governors. More information on HathiTrust is available at:

Postcards from a Librarian:
Julie Kane on the Stonewall Book Awards

Julie Kane

Julie Kane, Head of Collection Services

I’ve spent the past four years dedicating my American Library Association service to work on the Conference Committee. This year I’m transitioning to my first appointment on a book award committee, the first award established for LGBTQIA+ books. The Stonewall Book Award has three committees: Barbara Gittings Literature, Israel Fishman Non-Fiction, and Mike Morgan and Larry Romans Children’s and Young Adult Literature. The adult literature award is named after the iconic gay rights activist and lover of books Barbara Gittings, who famously fought over a series of years for the American Psychological Association to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness. In 1973, her campaign was successful, and the classification was removed.

The committee begins its work almost immediately after the announcement of the previous year’s winner at the ALA Midwinter meeting. Anyone can recommend a title to the Stonewall Committees to consider via web form. Titles must contain a certain threshold of queer content to be considered for the award (a new shorthand in my reviewing vocabulary for rejecting titles – neqc: not enough queer content). We review in physical and e-book form, and I anticipate some audiobook releases in the coming months.

Over the course of the year we’ve been meeting as a committee online monthly, with email discussions of individual books in between meetings. At the Midwinter meeting in 2021, we would usually meet from 8:30-5:30, locked in a room as a committee for three consecutive days (Friday-Sunday) to determine the award winner and any honorable mentions before the award announcement and press release reception. Though our meetings will be virtual this year, our schedule will be largely the same since we’re held to a press release deadline, and deliberations must conclude in time. The award is officially presented to the winning authors or editors at the following Annual conference in June. Winners receive a commemorative plaque and $1,000. I was delighted to meet W&L’s own Rebecca Makkai at an ALA publisher’s event when she was attending in 2019 to accept her Stonewall award for The Great Believers.

I’m thrilled and overwhelmed to serve on the Stonewall – Barbara Gittings Literature Award Committee, though it’s not without its novel challenges. I regularly review contemporary literature for Library Journal, and I’m an avid reader, but I did not anticipate scaling up my reading to accommodate evaluating ~300 titles in one year. As we get closer to the end of the calendar year, titles are coming to us at a furious pace, and the need to DNF (did not finish) books is increasing along with the height of the TBR (to be read) piles. I’m accustomed to reviewing novels only, and pleasure-reading a mix of novels and nonfiction, but this committee entertains a mix of literary fiction, poetry, drama, scifi, and graphic novels. Hardest of all struggles is the primary rule of the book award committee – the gag order. We are forbidden from discussing what we’re reading outside of the committee. My favorite part of returning from ALA or BookExpo is sharing (loudly, widely!) which books are coming out soon that I love or feel strongly about. Having to keep my mouth shut for the next two years is absolutely, bone-breakingly brutal. On the other hand, being part of a process that promotes and celebrates LGBTQIA+ literature is rewarding, hard work, and an incredible honor. I’m happy to report that there is no shortage of astonishingly good work coming in. I wish I could tell you more about it.

Check out recent Stonewall Book Awards winners held by the library:

2020 Awardees

Barbara Gittings Literature Award

    • How We Fight for Our Lives: A Memoir, Saeed Jones (2019)
      Leyburn Lower Level 4 PS3610.O6279 Z46 2019
      Check availability.

Stonewall Honor Books in Literature

    • On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous
      Leyburn Lower Level 4 PS3622.U96 O52 2019
      Check availability.

Stonewall Honor Books in Non-Fiction

    • In the Dream House: A Memoir, Carmen Maria Machado (2019)
      Leyburn Lower Level 4 PS3613.A2725243 Z46 2019
      Check availability.

2019 Awardees

Barbara Gittings Literature Award

    • The Great Believers, Rebecca Makkai (2018)
      Leyburn Lower Level 4 PS3613.A36 G74 2018
      Check availability.

Israel Fishman Nonfiction Award

    • Go the Way Your Blood Beats: On Truth, Bisexuality and Desire, Michael Amherst (2018)
      Leyburn Lower Level 3 HQ74 .A52 2018
      Check availability.

Stonewall Honor Books in Non-Fiction

    • Black. Queer. Southern. Women.: An Oral History, E. Patrick Johnson (2018)
      Leyburn Lower Level 3 HQ75.6.U52 S684 2018
      Check availability.
    • Raising Rosie : our story of parenting an intersex child, Eric Lohman & Stephani Lohman (2018)

2018 Awardees

Barbara Gittings Literature Award

    • Meanwhile, Elsewhere: Science Fiction and Fantasy from Transgender Writers, Cat Fitzpatrick & Casey Plett, editors (2017)
      Leyburn Lower Level 4 PS508.T73 M43 2017
      Check availability.

Stonewall Honor Books in Literature

    • When I grow up I want to be a list of further possibilities, Chen Chen (2017)
      Leyburn Lower Level 4 PS3603.H4471 A6 2017
      Check availability.

Stonewall Honor Books in Non-Fiction

    • Black on Both Sides A Racial History of Trans Identity, C. Riley Snorton (2017)

New Entry Traffic Pattern for Leyburn Library

As one door closes, another one opens…or stays open, in this case.

To create a traffic pattern that supports the library’s Covid-19 protocols, all W&L users will now enter Leyburn Library only through the Stemmons Plaza entrance. This is the entrance that faces the back of the colonnade.

Leyburn's Stemmons Plaza entrance

Photo of Leyburn Library’s Stemmons Plaza facing entrance

Throughout the remainder of Fall Term, this will be the only available entrance to Leyburn Library. Users must swipe their W&L ID cards to enter the Stemmons Plaza doors.

Entry points on Leyburn’s Lower Levels 2 and 4, and the Elrod Commons facing entrance on the main floor, will be locked to prevent entry.

All Leyburn Library exit points will remain operational.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we work together to create a safe and healthy campus community. We’re all in this together. For questions, email

*See map of Leyburn Library’s Main Floor *

Voter Information Guide

Need help navigating the voting process? Check out the library’s Voter Information Guide.

In addition to an Election Day countdown clock, this guide includes information about:

  • how to register to vote;
  • absentee ballots;
  • voting at W&L;
  • acceptable forms of voter identification in Virginia;
  • resources for healthy voting.

Thanks to our amazing student employees for working on this guide! Thanks to the Law Library for contributing the section “Resources for Healthy Voting.”

LSO’s Favorite Books

Hispanic Heritage Month flyer


The Latinx Student Organization (LSO) has organized a variety of events, activities, and opportunities in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 – October 15.

Part of this larger slate of offerings, LSO partnered with the University Library to curate a book collection: “LSO’s Favorite Books.” Many highlighted books are written by Spanish speaking or Latinx authors.

Browse the below list to learn which items LSO selected as their favorite books, and which member selected what title. Some titles were ordered specifically for LSO and are on their way to the library!

Want a book that hasn’t arrived yet or is currently checked out?
To receive notification when the book is available, do the following:

  • When you are on that book’s library catalog record,
    select “Please sign in to check if there are any request options.”
  • Login.
  • On the resulting screen, select “Request.”

David Gálvez’s Favorite:

Diana Rodriguez’s Favorites:

Jerónimo Reyes’s Favorite:

Taylor Graham’s Favorite:

Jackie Tamez’s Favorites:

Oriana Gutierrez’s Favorite:

Isabel Lourie’s Favorite:

Carolina Rubio Regalado’s Favorite: