Library Web Site Move

On Monday 20 November, the data files of the University Library Web site will move to a new server.
Not to worry.
This should be a mostly invisible change — no URL’s or links will change.
What will change, at least temporarily, is the order in which some materials are listed on some individual pages. For example, in the new site the Oxford English Dictionary will not be listed first on this Dictionaries page.
Instead, such listings will default to an alphabetical arrangement. We hope to get this “weighting” capability fixed as soon as possible.
If you notice that something is awry, please notify a Reference Librarian.

New DVD's

In response to popular demand, Annie (the W&L library catalog) now offers a list of newly-acquired DVD’s.
At present, the list consists of movies and other titles on DVD added to the collection since the beginning of September 2006. The list will be updated monthly and we will try to keep it to a convenient, browseable length.
To view this list, start from the Annie home page:
and select the Featured Lists option, near the bottom of the screen.
The next page will include several lists, including Leyburn Library — New DVD Titles.
Titles are listed more-or-less in alphabetical order.
This list always will be a little out of date, but the next update should be around the first of the month.
As always, you can find a particular movie in Annie by using the Title search option.
You also can generate a list of movies on video formats (DVD and VHS) by using the LC Subject Heading option to search for “Feature Films,” a term which identifies theatrically-released movies.
Here are lists from Annie of “Feature Films,” arranged alphabetically and chronologically (by DVD release date).

Congress and the Nation

The University Library has acquired online access to Congressional Quarterly’s Congress and the Nation database.
This respected resource provides authoritative coverage of the events, trends, and controversies in the U.S. Congress and Presidency from the administration of Harry S. Truman through the first term of President George W. Bush, including review and analysis of legislation and policy during each Congressional session and presidential term, organized by policy area.
You can get to Congress and the Nation here.
Links will be maintained in Annie and in several locations in our Web site, including here.

African American Experience

The University Library has purchased access to Greenwood Press’ African American Experience, a database of thousands of entries on African American life, drawn from encyclopedias and other reference books, monographs, collections of interviews, collections of primary source documents, audio clips, images, and Web sites.
Coverage includes history, social issues, politics, legal and constitutional issues, business, media, literature, and more.
You can get to the database here.
Links will be maintained in Annie and in several locations in our Web site, including here.

Book Nook Coffee Station

Have you found it yet?
The Book Nook Coffee Station is now open in Leyburn Library, just inside the entrance on the Main Floor.
Want a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or cappuccino while you’re studying?
Help yourself! Most drinks are $.75, cappuccino’s are $1.
The coffee machine accepts only coins, so a bill-changer has been installed next to the coffee cart.
If you would like to submit a comment about this new service, you can use this form.
As always, only drinks in lidded cups are allowed in the stacks, study rooms, and computer labs of the Library.