U.S. Congressional Hearings Online

The W&L University Library and Law Library are working together to purchase an online collection of all U.S. Congressional hearings dating from 1824 to 1979.
The LexisNexis Congressional Hearings Digital Collection is a work-in-progress, with over 10,000 titles available thus far. The publisher is scanning and indexing documents, working backwards in time from 1979. Coverage is now reaching into the early 1970’s and, thus, quite a few Watergate-related materials have been added recently.
Every item in this Digital Collection of hearings will include “official” forms of all hearing documents in PDF format. The full collection should be completed in 2009.
Here is our gateway page for this collection.
You should note that this link includes access not only to the 1824-1979 collection, but also to the more current, but less complete, collection of hearings dated 1980-to-date available through our LexisNexis Congressional subscription.
If you have questions, please contact Dick Grefe.

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