More Reference Books Online

The Washington and Lee University Library continues to develop a collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference works which are available to W&L researchers online. Here are some of the newest arrivals:
Voices of Islam
A five-volume collection of essays. (Praeger/Greenwood)
Encyclopedia Of Sex And Gender: Culture, Society, History
A four-volume set. (Macmillan/Gale)
Encyclopedia of Asian Theatre
Two volumes. (Greenwood)
Glossary of English Grammar
Guide to grammatical terms. (Edinburgh University Press/NetLibrary)
Feminist Philosophies A-Z
Key terms, issues, theoretical approaches, projects and thinkers. (Edinburgh University Press/NetLibrary)
Islamic Philosophy A-Z
Key figures, schools, concepts, topics, and issues. (Edinburgh University Press/NetLibrary)
These and other refererence “e-books” are accessible online to W&L students and faculty from anywhere in the world with access to the campus computing network.

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