Library Renovation Blog

Work continues on Leyburn Library’s 2008-09 renovation project.
We will be moving collections, staff offices, and other things to new locations, as well as closing off some areas, such as Northen Auditorium, to the public.
Keeping track of these changes is a challenge unto itself. We will try to keep you (and ourselves) up-to-date with our library renovation blog.
Please note that you can submit comments or questions via the “Comments” link at the bottom of each blog entry.
Otherwise, if you have questions, please contact Karin O’Callaghan in Leyburn Library (x8642).

"New" Library Web Site

On Monday 28 July, the Washington and Lee University will unveil a new version of its Web site, which you can preview at this temporary URL.
Changes from the current site to the new one are not drastic or fundamental, but more cosmetic and organizational.
Lots of pages will have URL’s different from their current ones, but we think (fingers crossed) that automatic forwarding will take of most of those issues.
If you notice any problems with the new site — links not working, etc. — please feel free to let us know.
We realize that this change likely will require quite a bit of trouble-shooting and tinkering over the next few weeks, but we have a goal of getting the site cleaned up by the time the students begin returning next month.
We also know that this change is likely to cause some inconvenience at some point and we apologize for that. If that happens, please just let us know how we can help.