Cambridge Histories Online

Washington and Lee University researchers now have online access to one of the most prestigious scholarly publication collections through Cambridge Histories Online.
This newly-released database contains the complete texts of over 250 volumes published since the 1960’s in the various Cambridge Histories series on major historical topics.
Several series are still active and new volumes will be added to the database as published, as will any new series when they begin.
Here is a list of published volumes, thus far.
W&L students, faculty, and staff have access to this database through our Web site and through Annie (where we plan also to have links to individual titles in the series).

Complete Congressional Record

Researchers at Washington and Lee now have online access to the complete run of the Congressional Record and its predecessors, which together provide a day-by-day account of over 200 years of activities, speeches, and documents in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.
Coverage begins with 1789 and continues into the current year.
There are several different online resources involved, some of them freely available on the Web and some subscription services accessible only to current members of the W&L community. The online service you use will be determined by the date(s) of coverage you want.
For links and explanations, start with this page in our Web site.

Safari Books Online

The University Library now subscribes to Safari Books Online, an online collection of about 6,000 technical reference sources from many of the leading technology publishers, including Adobe, Microsoft, O’Reilly, QUE, Sams, and others.
The collection focuses on explanations of and assistance with such information technology issues as enterprise computing, graphics, Java, Web development, Windows, XML, Linus/Unix, and more.
Here is our Web site access page. We plan to have each of the 6,000 titles listed in Annie.