John Adams Papers

The Washington and Lee University Library now provides online access to the Adams Papers (Digital Edition), comprising John Adams’s complete diaries, selected legal papers, and the ongoing series of family correspondence and state papers — all 30 volumes of the Adams Papers that have so far appeared in print.
Current W&L students, faculty, and staff may use the database via this link, which is available in Annie and from several locations in our Web site.

Off-Campus Access

Each year during breaks in the academic calendar, we get a lot of questions from students about getting to the library’s databases from off-campus — and out-of-state! — locations.
The short answer is that current W&L students, faculty, and staff should be able to get to JSTOR, LexisNexis, and just about every other online database to which we subscribe by going through the appropriate pages within the library’s Web site.
For more details and for trouble-shooting, see this page.