New Life for Life

Google Books recently announced free access to the digitally-preserved issues of Life magazine, dating from 1936 through 1972.
And Annie, the Washington and Lee library catalog, now includes a link to this collection.
Once one of the popular mainstays for U.S. readers, the magazine’s issues now serve as a revealing time-capsule of American life over five decades in the middle of the twentieth century. Even the advertisements fascinate.
A reader may browse page-by-page through (mostly) weekly issues or search the entire contents by keywords for such stories as Life‘s coverage of the death of Alben Barkley at W&L’s 1956 Mock Convention.

"New" Student E-Mail

Washington and Lee students who want to e-mail citations and articles from online databases, including Annie, need to remember to use the NEW versions of their e-mail addresses, which went into effect several months ago.
On 30 March 2009, W&L’s Information Technology Services posted this summary of the new addresses:
After considering technology standards and consulting with W&L student leaders and the Student Affairs office, Information Technology Services has chosen this naming convention:
So, for instance, a student named Jill Smith in the class of 2012 with the current user name smithj would have the Outlook Live user name smithj12 and the e-mail address:
Please note: This “class year” figure refers to a student’s expected graduation class year at the time he/she matriculates and does not change.