We Miss Barbara Brown

The Washington and Lee University Library staff, as well as other members of the Washington and Lee and Lexington communities, mourn the loss of former University Librarian Barbara Brown, who passed away on Saturday 27 August.

Barbara had been associated with libraries at Washington and Lee since the 1970’s — since before there was a Leyburn Library or Telford Science Library — and had a tremendously positive effect on both people and institutions at W&L.

She was delightfully thoughtful and unfailingly kind as a colleague, supervisor, and friend. Active in both the professional world and in the local community, Barbara will be missed by friends all across the country.

Her career is summarized in this W&L news release.

2 comments on “We Miss Barbara Brown

  • Robin LeBlanc says:

    The first committee I was assigned to when I first came to W&L years ago was the Library Committee, then chaired by Barbara Brown. She changed my understanding of libraries and of literacy, and she offered me one of the few female role models of a senior professional then available on campus. She was a very cool person. I really do miss her.

  • Merrily Taylor says:

    Robin and all,

    Barbara was a dear friend, a superb librarian, and an inspiration to me – I felt so privileged to follow her (not ever replace her) at W&L. She built a fine library and a great staff and made my job easy.
    I will miss her always.


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