Temperature(s) in Leyburn

We have had some “comments” from students and visitors in Leyburn Library about the atmospheric conditions in the building — sometimes (in some places) it’s too warm and sometimes (in some places) it’s too chilly.

The primary reason heating and air-flow in Leyburn have been a bit erratic lately is because maintenance work is being done on the 30-plus-year-old heating-and-cooling technology in the building’s innards. Contractors are trying to bring things into the 21st century and that necessarily involves some tinkering and adjustments. We don’t know when this work will be completed, but our (sometimes numb) fingers are crossed.

In the meantime, if you find the air temperature or air movement in here to be a problem, please contact Karin O’Callaghan via her e-mail or in Room M43 on the Main Floor of Leyburn Library. She will contact the folks in charge of the maintenance work and try to get conditions adjusted.

Thanks for your patience.