2012 Honors Theses

The Washington and Lee University Library seeks to acquire and preserve copies of all W&L student honors theses. This effort extends back to the first decade of the 20th century and now includes the option to perserve and make available theses in online form.

The library Web site contains a link to an information page on honors theses, with a focus on submission procedures, including a permission form.

Note: There also is information on that page about submitting other student work for preservation.

Questions can be directed to Laura Turner (Head of Technical Services), Dick Grefe (Senior Reference Librarian), or Elizabeth Teaff (Access Services Librarian).

Award for Lisa McCown

Washington and Lee University Library Senior Special Collections Assistant Lisa McCown received the Ruth Anderson McCulloch Award at the annual meeting of the Southern Shenandoah Valley Branch of Preservation Virginia on Sunday 4 March at the Natural Bridge Conference Center.

Congrats to Lisa!

The following is taken from coverage in the Rockbridge Weekly:

In making the award, Branch Director Arthur Bartenstein made the following remarks:

“Few parts of America are as rich in history as the Southern Shenandoah Valley. Few parts of America are also as blessed with an as-qualified keeper of its original historic documents and records. What good fortune to not only be the home of Washington and Lee but also Washington and Lee Leyburn Library’s Department of Special Collections.

“Few libraries are as blessed to have a person as dedicated, courteous, patient, professional, knowledgeable and – all-around good historic research librarian as Lisa McCown. It doesn’t matter who you are, how obscure or just plain absurd your research topic, Lisa will not only find what you’re looking for, she’ll also find all those things you should have been looking for had you known what to look for.

Those who have worked with her say, ‘Lisa is indispensable for any research on the area of Rockbridge County history. I could not have written my book, Remarkable Rockbridge, without her,’ – historian Charles Bodie.

‘Lisa McGown is the best thing that ever happened to Special Collections,’ – Special Collections Director Vaughn Stanley.

‘No one knows Leyburn’s Special Collections better,’ – Vaughn Stanley, Charles Bodie, Mary Coulling, Kurt Russ, and Robert E. Lee – no doubt were he alive.

Lisa has labored tirelessly, selflessly, graciously in the bowels of Washington and Lee University Library day after day, dealing not only with academicians, but also riff raff of the likes of you and me, for over 30 years. I could not imagine a more appropriate final deed in my humble capacity as Southern Shenandoah Valley Preservation Virginia Branch Director. On behalf of the Historic Preservation Community I would like to say thank you Washington and Lee University, thank you Lisa McCown!”