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Library Carrel Update — Friday 7 September
All carrels in Leyburn Library have been reserved. If you have not reserved a carrel and still are interested, please check back with us the first of October, after we determine whether any carrels have become available. At the present time, we are not maintaining a waiting list.
All carrels in Telford Science Library have been reserved and a waiting list has been started.   Interested students should check with Mary Abdoney, Cindy Morton, or the student staff in the Science Library.

original post:
Leyburn Library has approximately 500 carrels which can be reserved for use by individual W&L undergraduate students for the entire academic year.

As demand for carrels may sometimes exceed the supply, interested students are advised to register for a carrel during the first week of Fall Term. Registration begins at 8:00 AM on the first day of class — Thursday 6 September. Here is information on registering for a carrel.

Telford Science Library also has carrels available for registration, which will begin at 7:45 AM on the first day of classes.

And… on that same first day of classes (Thursday 6 September), both Leyburn Library and Telford Science Library move into their customary open-24-hours-a-day, seven-days –week schedule. Students wanting to enter either library after 10:00 any evening will need to swipe their W&L ID cards.

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