Internships Information

The Washington and Lee University Library subscribes to a commercial service called Internships-USA, which provides listings of over 2,800 organizations offering internships and summer jobs for students.  This database is password-protected, so a W&L user has to navigate through a series of screens to get into the database.

These listings are organized into about 15 subject-oriented collections, which also are published as books.  The new Fall 2012 updates to these collections include the following:

  • Internships in International Affairs
  • Women’s Rights Internships
  • Sports Internship Book
  • Museum Internship Book
  • Resort Internship and Seasonal Employment Guide
  • Human Rights Internship Book
  • History Internship Book

Other collections, such as Congressional Internship Book  and Washington Internships In Law and Policy, are several months older, but still highly up-to-date.

Internships-USA is also part of a larger library guide, Internship Opportunities for W&L Students.   Please note that this guide consists of 3 parts, including “Focus on Government and Politics” and “Focus on Journalism and Mass Media,” accessible from the tabs near the top of the page.

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