New Cemetery Database

The Washington and Lee University Library is creating a searchable web site for the local Stonewall Jackson Cemetery.

The still-developing database is available here:

A census of the tombstones was spearheaded by Rockbridge County resident Tom Kastner, who also provided photos of the graves.   The site includes information on dates of birth, death, the war in which a veteran served, spouse, children, occupation, and location within the cemetery

Recognizing the value of the project, the University Library offered to design, develop and host a searchable web site so the information and photos would be available to anyone interested in learning more about the people who are buried there.   Carol Hansen Karsch, the library’s Data & Statistical Support Specialist, created the web site, and supervised Emily Crawford, a W&L junior classics major, who undertook the massive job of resizing the photos for the web. It is anticipated that the census, approximately 60 percent complete, will be up to date within two years.

If you have questions, please contact Ms. Karsch.   You also can view a 2/11/13 W&L News Office article about this project.

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