EBL E-Books

A rapidly-rising “player’ in the world of academic electronic books is a company called Ebook Library (EBL), which provides nearly 300,000 books from hundreds of publishers, including many of the most important in the academic market.

Washington and Lee researchers now have increasing opportunities to use EBL e-books, which are listed in Annie, the library catalog, as well as in other locations in the library’s Web site.

The University Library has begun purchasing individual EBL e-books on a title-by-title basis, always keeping in mind a number of factors, including our curriculum and user population, the nature of the individual work, and the increasing need to conserve physical space in our buildings.   Here is an example from Annie:

We also are taking advantage of an experimental project of the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) to provide over 2,300 EBL e-books in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through Annie.   You can view that list here:

W&L users may notice two differences between EBL e-books and other e-book systems we use.   First, you may have to enter your W&L ID and password to gain access.    Second, readers who spend more than 5-10 minutes browsing or reading will be prompted to “borrow” the book. If you respond “yes,” you can continue using the book for up to 24 hours.   At the end of that period, you have the option to borrow again.    Borrowing does not interfere with anyone else at W&L also using the book.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Senior Reference Librarian Dick Grefe.

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