Carrels About Gone

All carrels in Leyburn Library now have been reserved, and there are only two left in Telford Science Library.
At the end of the month, we will contact everyone who signed up for a carrel to see if anyone no longer thinks a carrel is necessary. After that, we may have some vacancies.

Thanks to all students for working with us on this annual ritual.

There are still carrels available in Leyburn Library, especially on Lower Level 4, and there are just a couple left in Telford Science Library on the 4th Floor.

The Washington and Lee University Library has approximately 500 carrels which can be reserved for use by individual W&L undergraduate students for the entire academic year.

Since demand for carrels usually exceeds the supply, interested students might want to register for a carrel during the first couple of days in Fall Term. Registration begins at 8:00 AM on the first day of class,  Wednesday 4 September. Here is detailed information on carrel registration, including floor maps.  The short version:

Beginning 8:00 AM on Wednesday 4 September

Find a Leyburn Library carrel on Lower Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 and take its registration slip to the Information Desk on the Main Floor.
Find a Telford Science Library carrel on Level 3 or 4 and take its registration slip to the Circulation Desk on Level 3.


And in other momentous news…  On that same first day of classes (Wednesday 4 September), both Leyburn Library and Telford Science Library move into their customary open-24-hours-a-day, seven-days-per-week schedule. Students wanting to enter either library after 10:00 any evening will need to swipe their W&L ID cards.

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