Ring Tum Phi Online

Perhaps the longest-running record of life at Washington and Lee University is the student newspaper the Ring Tum Phi.

The W&L University Library, through our Digital Repository program, has made online access to the historical record contained in the Phi one of our top digitization priorities.  And now we have something to share.

Issues dated from 1897 to 1920 are now available online through our Digital Repository site and from the Ring Tum Phi entry in the library catalog.

You can search for words or names within these issues by using the “Search within this collection” option.  You also can page through issues by opting to “Browse” by date.
For example, if you would like to see what life around here was like 100 years ago, you can view the May 9, 1914 issue.

This digitization process, which is slower and more exacting than you might imagine,  continues to move forward chronologically.   A few volumes are missing from the sequence, but we are working on that.

If you have questions about this project or about the Digital Repository program, please feel free to contact Digital Scholarship Librarian Alston Cobourn @ cobourna@wlu.edu or 458-8657.

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