Loeb Classical Library


The series known as the Loeb Classical Library began life just over one hundred years ago as an attempt to democratize classical literature by bringing translations of great works to a wide audience.

The revered Loeb series still lives in the 21st Century, with new translations published in their familiar compact red (Latin) and green (Greek) covers and added to the Washington and Lee University Library’s complete collection of printed volumes.

And finally the Loeb has come to the Internet.
Washington and Lee researchers now have online access to the complete Loeb Classical Library, including both original Greek and Latin texts and their English translations, with texts and translations displayed on facing pages.
Here is the link in the library catalog:  Loeb Classical Library

You may want to examine the “Browse” option to see all the included authors and works.  You also can do more sophisticated searching in the database, such as finding the word “blood” in the Iliad‘s translation.  

For additional information, take a look at this recent article on the Loeb Classical Library.

The University Library has purchased this database with proceeds from the Perry Fund.

If you have questions, please contact Humanities Librarian Yolanda Merrill.

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