The TLS and The Economist


For many years, two of the most venerable voices of international cultural and political criticism have been The Economist and the Times Literary Supplement.    Indeed, Washington and Lee University has subscribed to both weekly publications for at least half a century.

Now, because of recent acquisitions by the University Library, W&L readers have online access to the entire historical archive of each publication.

The Times Literary Supplement, known to readers around the world as TLS, speaks knowingly of its legacy when it says, “Since 1902, the Times Literary Supplement has scrutinized, dissected, applauded, and occasionally disparaged, the work of the twentieth century’s leading writers and thinkers.”  One gets a taste of the publication’s erudition in a 1982 critique of the “new journalism.”   TLS‘s critical mission continues unabated in the 21st Century.

The Economist is an even longer-lived icon, beginning publication in 1843, presenting “timely reporting, concise commentary and comprehensive analysis of global news every week.”  Consider this, from an article in the 16 November 1918 issue: “That such a war should have been the only means by which they could settle their differences is a sufficient proof that the civilisation under which we lived until 1914 was a mockery.”    Contemporary coverage from The Economist continues to be valued by W&L faculty and students for its intelligent and literate analysis.

Each of these newly-acquired online databases is available to current W&L students, faculty, and staff via various points in the library’s online presence, including the following entries in the library catalog:

Washington and Lee’s acquisition of these valuable online resources was made possible by generous gifts to the University Library.  The TLS is being provided by the Elizabeth Gray and Marvin Banks Perry Memorial Fund, while The Economist is supported by a bequest from Mary W. Hilliard and funds from the Henry P. Johnson, Jr. Endowment.    We are deeply grateful for these gifts, which will enrich W&L for many years to come.


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