Wednesday — “Leningrad Blockade” [past event]


Talk: “The Leningrad Blockade and Why It Matters”

Speaker: Richard Bidlack, Martin and Brooke Stein Professor of History, Washington and Lee University

Wednesday 18 March, 4:30 pm in Northen Auditorium in Leyburn Library

Professor Bidlack will discuss the nearly 900-day blockade of Leningrad by German and Finnish armies during the Second World War that resulted in the death of close to one million Leningraders. Based on his extensive research in formerly top-secret Soviet documents, he will explore several topics, including the tense relationship that existed between Stalin and Leningrad’s political bosses, how ordinary residents tried to endure hunger and extreme cold, as well as how the populace regarded their political leaders and the enemy. He also will show how the blockade history affected post-war Soviet life and politics and has helped shape President Putin’s portrayal of Russia and its place in the world

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