“Coping with Chaos: When Simple Systems Show Complex Behavior” [past event]

Talk: “Coping with Chaos: When Simple Systems Show Complex Behavior”

Speaker:  David Sukow, Robert Lee Telford Professor of Physics and Engineering

Tuesday 31 March, 4:30 pm in Northen Auditorium in Leyburn Library

Professor Sukow will deliver the Telford Professor Lecture.

Simple physical systems can display surprisingly complicated behavior that is best described in the language of nonlinear dynamics and chaos. In this talk, he will discuss some of the optical and electronic systems displaying such dynamics that he has studied in the laboratory. The common characteristic among them is their use of time-delayed feedback to create – and control – their behavior. In addition to describing these systems and their dynamics, he will discuss how we can cope with their complexity by devising elegant methods to control it, or even to make use of it through synchronization and random number generation.

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