Honors Theses as International Scholarship


As mentioned in an earlier post about Washington and Lee’s honors theses, access to some online theses is restricted to current members of the W&L community.

But things can change.

Within a month of posting the 2015 honors theses to the W&L Digital Archive, we received a request for one thesis with limited access. The thesis in question was GeoEye-1 Multispectral Satellite Imagery Classification:  An Accurate Method for Identifying Populations of Acropora spp. Corals Prior to a Field Study , the product of honors research in the Department of Geology by 2015 graduate James F. Busch.   The request arrived as follows: “I would like to request this file on behalf of the Coral Restoration Foundation International.  We are managing coral nursery programs in Bonaire, Mustique, Curacao, Jamaica, and Colombia, and it would be helpful to have better ways to identify healthy Acropora colonies.  Thank you.”

Student work in W&L’s Digital Archive is being found and used!  The student (now alumnus) author, James F. Busch, has since allowed us to make this item freely available to this foundation and other researchers around the world.

Questions, comments, and requests concerning the Digital Archive can go to the site’s Contact Us page.

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