Student Archaeology and Poverty Studies Research Online


Last week the Washington and Lee University Library added two more collections of student research papers to the W&L Digital Archive.

Archaeology Research

More than 100 archaeology student papers, some dating back to the 1970’s, are now available online.  Researchers working on local history, architecture, and archaeology may find this collection particularly useful, although some other topic areas are also covered.  Cannibalism, for instance.   Here is the direct access to this collection in the DA.

(Special kudos to Karen Lyle for tracking down the papers’ authors and securing permission for online access.)

Shepherd Poverty Program Capstones

Another newly-available collection the Shepherd Poverty Program capstone papers from the spring of 2015, accessible through this Digital Archive link.


The developing W&L Digital Archive program seeks to collect, preserve, and provide access to selected materials owned or created by W&L and members of its community.    If you have questions about the DA, please feel free to contact Digital Scholarship Librarian Alston Cobourn at or 458-8657.


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