1972 Mock Con Gifts


‘Tis the season for Mock Convention.

We recently announced two new displays of Mock Convention materials.  And now the Washington and Lee University Library is pleased to announce that our already-extensive Mock Con archive housed in Special Collections is newly enhanced by generous gifts from alumnus Ben Sherman (’75).

Among the memorabilia donated by Mr. Sherman are several items from the 1972 Mock Convention, most notably the original typed manuscript which he used to place Hubert H. Humphrey in nomination, as well as a press copy of then-Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter’s May 5th keynote address.   Before forwarding the Carter document to Special Collections, Ben mailed the manuscript to President Carter with a request that he autograph the item.  The piece was quickly returned to Mr. Sherman with a very strong, bold signature in black ink in the upper left quadrant of the first page.

In addition, this Sherman gift includes two Humphrey for President posters.  One proudly proclaims “Humphrey the People’s Democrat,” while the other states “People Care About Humphrey Because He Cares About People.”

These four items will be on display in the Special Collections Reading Room until after the 2016 Mock Convention.

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