New Historical Newspapers and Documents


The generosity of several donors has made it possible for the Washington and Lee University Library to acquire three significant online collections of historical newspapers, magazines, public records, books, and other types of publications and documents.   Each of these collections focuses on the Nineteenth Century, but also includes materials created before and after that period.

All these materials are accessible online to current W&L students, faculty, and staff, from both on-campus and off-campus locations.   Links will be located in the library catalog and elsewhere in our Web site.

Nineteenth Century British Newspapers
Based on the extensive newspaper holdings of the British Library, this digital archive includes millions of pages from about 70 newspapers, including both national and regional titles and providing U.K.-wide coverage.  A two-part list of covered newspapers can be viewed here and here.   Please note that this collection is one of several historical magazine and newspaper archives available to  W&L researchers.   Acquisition was made possible by the generosity of the Barbra B. and Hal F. Higginbotham Library Endowment.

Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive
This digital archive includes thousands of books, newspaper and magazine articles, and other materials on the transatlantic slave trade, abolition of slavery, the dynamics of emancipation in the Western Hemisphere, and other aspects of the institution of slavery. Over five million pages of materials are drawn from the collections of major academic and research institutions.  Support from the Anne and Edgar Basse Jr. Endowment has made this addition possible.

Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture
Focusing on the period 1790 to 1920 in Europe, North America, India, Australia, and New Zealand, this archive offers books, newspaper and magazine articles, broadsheets, manuscripts, and other documents on crime, punishment, and the reaction to it from the publishing world and popular culture.   Acquisition was made possible by the Barbra B. and Hal F. Higginbotham Library Endowment.

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