“Beat Fellows” Exhibit


“Ginsberg and Beat Fellows: Photographs 1969-1997,” an exhibit of photographs taken by Gordon Ball, Visiting Associate Professor of English, is on display on Leyburn Library’s Main Floor.

Featuring candid shots of Allen Ginsberg and fellow poets and friends over the course of nearly three decades, the 21 photographs in this collection include novelist William S. Burroughs, poets Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Anne Waldman and Andrei Voznesensky, as well as rock star Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth.  The photos were taken at a variety of locations, such as Ginsberg’s upstate New York farm, his Lower East Side apartment, and the faculty swimming pool at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

Gordon Ball’s photographs have been shown and reproduced widely, from numerous exhibitions and books, such as The Rolling Stone Book of the Beats, to periodicals such as The New York Times Sunday magazine.   Professor Ball will be offering a course in “Literature of the Beat Generation” next Winter Term at W&L.

Intrigued?   Here’s an introduction to “Beat Poetics” from the Cambridge Companion to American Poetry Since 1945.    You also can take an online look at one of Professor Ball’s books, East Hill Farm.     [Accessible online to W&L students, faculty, and staff.]

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