We’re Over Here — Behind The Wall


You wouldn’t think a five-story building could be hard to find.

But it might seem that way during the summer 2016 months, as construction on Washington and Lee University’s Stemmons Plaza area effectively blocks the front of Leyburn Library.   The building’s original entrance, on the Washington Hall side of the Main Floor, will be unavailable from late May through the end of August.

Fortunately, we have another entrance on the Main Floor.   As highlighted in yellow on the schematic below, the “new” entrance (on the Reid Hall/Elrod Commons side of the building) will be Leyburn Library’s primary gateway to and from the outside world this summer.

Getting to Telford Science Library will not be quite so challenging, unless you’re trying to get there from Leyburn.   A hint of that best route, via Lower Level 1, is also highlighted (ineptly) below.

W&L recently issued a press release on this construction project.
Questions about the library situation this summer?   Please feel free to ask at the Information Desk in Leyburn Library or call 540-458-8643.   Here are our hours.



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