New Internship Guides


The Washington and Lee University Library subscribes to a database called CEI Internships,  which lists thousands of internship opportunities for undergraduate students.   W&L students can view geographically-arranged descriptions of possibilities with a given focus, such as “Media.”

Several times a year, the publisher releases updated volumes with new and revised listings.  The collections updated for Fall 2016 include the following new editions:

  • International Affairs
  • Women’s Rights
  • Sports
  • Resorts and Seasonable Employment
  • History and Museums
  • Human Rights

Other 2015-16 volumes, such as the Congressional and Social Services entries, continue to be available.   Note:  This is one of a very few W&L subscription databases which has a separate set of passwords, so watch for the prompt to enter the specified password combination.   (for W&L users only)

Of course, W&L headquarters for more extensive information on internships is W&L’s Career Development office.

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