Digitized History from Three Centuries


The Washington and Lee University Library’s Digital Archive project recently posted online a diverse collection of materials from three centuries, with a wide range of perspectives on aspects of W&L and Rockbridge County history.

By far the oldest item is the final will left by local farmer Hugh Adams in the late 1850’s, which includes his wishes for the freeing of his slaves upon his death.

Film footage of the W&L football team’s play in the 1951 Gator Bowl game is augmented by an interview with former player Don Ferguson and recently-recorded commentary from Doug Chase in a 17-minute video.

The 2014 video production Mock Con: The Storied History of the Washington & Lee University Mock Presidential Convention (available in the library on DVD) contained excerpts of interviews with alumni, students, faculty, and other members of the W&L community.   We are now able to share 22 full-length video interviews from which those excerpts were drawn, including comments from W&L President Ken Ruscio and U.S. Senator John Warner.

The ever-growing W&L Digital Archive , which also includes work from faculty and campus organizations and offices, is accessible through the University Library Web site.    Questions about the Digital Archive can be directed to Digital Scholarship Librarian Alston Cobourn.

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