New Dance Database


The Washington and Lee University Library purchases access to well over 100 research databases to support student and faculty work at W&L.

Our latest acquisition focuses on the world of dance.  Dance in Video is described by its publisher as hosting over 1,200 “dance productions and documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th century.   Selections cover ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, and improvisational dance, as well as forerunners of the forms and the pioneers of modern concert dance.”

Members of the current W&L community — students, faculty, and staff — have access to this online database from both on-campus and off-campus locations.   There is a link in the library catalog and links are likely to appear in relevant research guides.

Please note that W&L has purchased Dance in Video for a period of one year and a decision on continued access likely will be based on use during the 2016-17 academic year.



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