New Circulation Rules


You may have heard that the year 2018 is bringing to Washington and Lee a new library search interface for books, articles, and other materials.   (See “Search Primo” on the University Library homepage.)

But the new year also has brought major changes in circulation rules for books and other items.  For the first time in over 35 years,  there are new rules for how long you can keep something you check out.   Here are the details for various user categories:

  • W&L students will check out books for 90 days.   This replaces the old academic term circulation period.
  • W&L faculty and staff will check out books for one calendar year; a book checked out on 3 January 2018 will be due by 3 January 2019.   (I assume we can cope with leap years.)   This replaces a single date in each summer for all books checked out in the previous academic year.
  • Local residents and local students will check out books for 28 days.

Rules for special categories of materials:

  • Books in our McNaughton Collection (popular reading, aka sex-and/or-violence) will be checked out by the same rules that apply (above) to each category of users.   So, for example, W&L faculty could check out the latest John Grisham book for one year.
  • Circulating DVD’s will continue to be available for 3-day check-out.
  • There are no changes to circulation rules for materials on reserve at the Information Desk, including technology items, or for materials borrowed via interlibrary loan.

As always, our users can request that a book currently checked out be returned for their use (once that book has been out at least 2 weeks).  However, with the new Primo search tool, you must login to the system to be able to place such a request.   Note that in this example of a book currently checked out, there is a prompt to “Please sign in..”

That’s the gist of it.   If you have a question, please feel free to contact Head of Access Services Elizabeth Teaff or Access Services Supervisor Laura Hewett.