Streaming Video for W&L


Video or film in streaming form has lots of advantages for teaching and learning, especially for classes in which a number of students all need to watch the same program — access from multiple locations (including off-campus), the possibility of multiple viewings simultaneously, on-demand availability in classrooms, and the ability to place links in course syllabi or online sites.  Admittedly, streaming comes with its own set of issues, with the cost probably the most challenging.

Mostly because of course-related demand from our faculty, the Washington and Lee University Library increasingly is purchasing — or leasing — access to streaming video from a variety of suppliers and then making that material available to the current W&L campus community through our online site.  Generally, we do not perpetually “own” streaming content, but rather lease it for various periods of time or have access as part of a large collection whose contents come and go for commercial and/or legal reasons, beyond our control.  (You may have experience the same thing with Netflix.)

Our selection of streaming films has grown to the point that it’s become a challenge to tell people what we have.  As a result, we have assembled a webpage that lists the primary options available to current students. faculty, and staff:

If you have questions, or want to investigate streaming possibilities for curricular use, please contact Senior Reference Librarian Dick Grefe.