U.S. Congressional Hearings Online

The W&L University Library and Law Library are working together to purchase an online collection of all U.S. Congressional hearings dating from 1824 to 1979.
The LexisNexis Congressional Hearings Digital Collection is a work-in-progress, with over 10,000 titles available thus far. The publisher is scanning and indexing documents, working backwards in time from 1979. Coverage is now reaching into the early 1970’s and, thus, quite a few Watergate-related materials have been added recently.
Every item in this Digital Collection of hearings will include “official” forms of all hearing documents in PDF format. The full collection should be completed in 2009.
Here is our gateway page for this collection.
You should note that this link includes access not only to the 1824-1979 collection, but also to the more current, but less complete, collection of hearings dated 1980-to-date available through our LexisNexis Congressional subscription.
If you have questions, please contact Dick Grefe.

Rwanda Library

Washington and Lee student Logan Gibson has planned a rather unusual summer vacation — she is traveling to Rwanda this summer to build a library.
Her project has required a lot of preparation and planning and has involved quite a few folks at W&L and elsewhere, including members of the Leyburn Library staff. You can read more about it this news release.
Logan has begun posting an account of her trip on her blog and we hope you will follow her adventures this summer.

Early American Newspapers Online

The University Library is very pleased to announce that we now providing Washington and Lee researchers online access to Series I of the renowned Early American Newspapers database, from the American Antiquarian Society and Readex Newsbank.
This resource offers digitized copies of over 700 newspapers from 23 states and the District of Columbia printed between 1690 and 1876. You can view a list of the newspaper coverage here.
Our subscription link is here.
For additional information, see this page in our Web site.

Mock Convention Display

The drama of the most famous Mock Convention in Washinton and Lee University’s history is brought to life in a new display in the Main Floor lobby of Leyburn Library.
Just over fifty years ago, former U.S. Vice-President Alben W. Barkley collapsed and died in Doremus Gymnasium as he concluded his keynote address to the 1956 convention. Documents and artifacts from the library’s Special Collections take us back to “The Dramatic Events of the 1956 Mock Convention,” including not only Barkley’s death, but also voting projections, the opening parade through downtown Lexington, and more.
The materials will be on display through the end of June.
For information on the upcoming 2008 Mock Convention, see this site.

Two Year's Work Databases

The W&L University Library now has online access to two important literature review resources in literary and cultural criticism: Year’s Work in English Studies and its companion, Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory.
Both these Oxford University Press titles are excellent annual overviews of developments in a range of fields. The subject matter of the first title is mostly self-evident, including such subject areas as Old English Literature, the Victorian Period, and New Literatures.
But the latter title is much more multi-disciplinary, with coverage of such topics as Deconstruction, Feminisms, History and Historiography, Multiculturalism, Film Theory, and Irish Studies.

Digital Washington Papers

Thanks to a generous gift from the Washington and Lee University’s Friends of the Library, W&L students, faculty, staff, and visiting researchers now have online access to the Papers of George Washington, Digital Edition.
This electronic edition is derived from the Papers project begun in 1969 by the University of Virginia and the Mount Vernon Ladies Association. As of 2006, the database includes the first 52 volumes of the print series. More material will be added within a year or so of the release of future print volumes.
Here is our access page.

Oxford W.E.B. Du Bois

Leyburn Library has acquired the new Oxford W.E.B. Du Bois set, a landmark in the publishing of works by African American authors.
Edited by Henry Louis Gates, this 19-volume collection contains all the literary works by Du Bois in the broad range of fields in which this eminent scholar worked. In the words of the publisher, “In addition to his scholarly works of history and sociology, the series includes his efforts in fiction, nonfiction, biography, and autobiography– both in long form and in essays.”
You can see the complete list of volumes in Annie, here.
For more information about the set, see this publisher’s page.

Sex and Drinking Data

Leyburn Library continues to develop its collection of online reference electronic books (e-books) with these two statistical compilations:
American Sexual Behavior
Who’s Buying Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Beverages
Like most e-books available through the library Web site and Annie, these two titles are Washington and Lee subscriptions — not free Web resources — and are available online to current W&L faculty, students, and staff from just about any location in the world permitting access to our campus computing network.
If you have questions or comments about these or other reference e-books, please contact Dick Grefe.

Mock Convention Research

Leyburn Library has created an online guide designed to help participants in the 2008 Democratic Mock Convention “monitor news, track public opinion, find information on candidates, retrieve data and articles, and perform other research.”
The guide, which likely will be updated often in the coming months, is available here.