PHYS 114 Research Guide

What is Scholarly Communication?

With this Technoproject, you will be participating in the “scholarly conversation.” What does this mean?

(Intro to Scholarly Communication YouTube video)

You will need to observe the conversation happening about your topic very carefully by searching and reading the scholarly literature. This will help you clear up any questions about your topic, understand it’s history, and determine where the gaps in knowledge are.

Helpful Resources for Accessing the Scholarly Conversation (aka, Finding Helpful Background Info)

  • Google Scholar: Be sure to log in to your Google account, then change the settings to include W&L under “Library Links”
  • Wikipedia: Not a good resource to cite, but a great way to gain a broad overview of a topic. Pro Tip: Check out the references at the bottom!
  • Safari Technical Books Online: Great way to gain background information on your topic
  • Primo: This W&L Library service allows you to search most of the library resources we own, including books, journal articles, ebooks, encyclopedias, archival material, media resources, and much more.
  • Google patents: Search for full text patent content.

Finding and Using Images and Other Media

Be sure to check out the library’s helpful page, Finding and Using Images

Search for Images

Do you have specific questions about copyright and fair use? Ask Elizabeth Teaff!

The most important resource for your project is your librarian, Mary Abdoney.

Be sure to get in touch with her if you have any questions!

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