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Getting Library Materials

Suggest a Purchase

Request books, DVDs, or periodicals be purchased for the library’s collection.

Borrowing, Renewing, & Fines

Call Number Locations

The books in our library collections are shelved in call number order using the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. Materials in the U.S. Government Documents Depository collection on Level 4 are shelved by the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification system.


  • MAIN FLOOR: current periodicals, newspapers, reference collection, DVDs, and books on CD (arranged by call number)
  • LOWER LEVEL 1: books with call numbers A through BQ
  • LOWER LEVEL 2: books with call numbers BR through F
    • Most BF items are in Telford Science Library
  • LOWER LEVEL 3: books with call numbers G through PQ
  • LOWER LEVEL 4: books with call numbers PR through Z, all books labeled Folio, bound volumes of journals and magazines (alphabetically by title), Government Documents, and VHS tapes (by call number)
    • Most Q-TP items are in Telford Science Library


  • LEVEL 3: reference collection and call numbers A through QA
  • LEVEL 4: reference collection and call numbers QB through Z (including books labeled Folio)

Loan Periods

  • Books & Audio Books
    • W&L Undergraduate Students: Three month loan period.
    • W&L Law Students: Three month loan period.
    • W&L Faculty & Staff: Year from date of check-out.
    • VMI & SVU Faculty & Staff: Must complete a registration form at Leyburn Library Information Desk. Year from date of check-out.
    • DSLCC, VMI, SVU, Mary Baldwin, & Local Middle & High School Students: Must complete a registration form at Leyburn Library Information Desk. Four week loan period.
    • Area Residents (Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County): Must complete a registration form at Leyburn Library Information Desk. Four week loan period.
    • Friends of the Library Members: Three month loan period.
  • Videos & DVDs
    • Videos and DVDs are checked out for three days.
    • Not all patron types may check-out this type of material.
    • Local Residents may have up to 3 videos/DVDs checked-out at any one time.
  • Music CDs
    • CDs are checked out for seven days.
  • Course Reserves
    • Reserve Items circulate for 2, 4, or 24 hours according to the specifications of the faculty member who has placed them in this collection.
  • Non-Circulating Items
    • W&L Faculty, Staff, and Students may check out bound periodicals and reference items for 24 hours. No Renewals allowed.
    • Items from Special Collections, microfilm, and newspapers may not leave the University Library. Contact Special Collections with questions at 540.458.8663.


  • Items may be renewed online or by calling 540.458.8643.
  • Items may not be renewed if they have been requested by another person.
  • Books are subject to recall two weeks after date of check-out.
  • Books, Audio Books, and music CDs may be renewed three times.
  • Videos & DVDs may be renewed twice.
  • No renewals for non-circulating items.

Fines for late returns

  • Videos, DVDs, and recalled materials: $1.00 per day
  • Reserve material and technology items: $1.00 per hour
  • Non circulating items will incure fines for late returns and if lost be billed at a cost of $1000.00 each.
  • Long overdue items will be billed. The bill will reflect the replacement cost and there may be also be a billing fee of $5.00 per item. The billing fee must be paid even if the item is returned.
  • W&L Undergraduate students with fines totaling $50.00 or more may be blocked from registering for classes or from obtaining transcripts until the fines have been paid.
  • Patrons with fines in excess of $50 may be prevented from checking out library materials until their fines are paid in full.

Food For Fines: Undergraduate students may pay their overdue fines with canned goods. The items will be donated to W&L’s Campus Kitchens project.

  • $1-5 in Fines = 2 cans
  • $6-10 in Fines = 4 cans
  • $11-20 in Fines = 8 cans
  • $20-50 in Fines = 16 cans

This arrangement applies only to current W&L students. Lost library materials must be paid for with cash, check, debit, or charge.

Lost Items

  • Lost books = $50 and may include a $5.00 billing fee
  • Videos = price varies (call 540.458.8645 for details)
  • Technology Items

Payment may be made by cash, check (made out to Washington and Lee University), General Debit/Charge (this option for current students only).
Lost materials policy information.

Recalling Checked out Materials & Searching for Lost/Missing Items

Recall Library Materials

  • To recall checked out items, search for the title in our library system then log-in to your library account and click on the link labeled “Request”. You will be notified via email when the item is ready for check-out.
  • All library materials are subject to recall two weeks after check out.

Lost/Missing Items in the University Library Collection

If you need assistance locating an item in our collection please ask a library staff member for help or use the form below to email us so that we may search for the missing material.

Report Missing Item

Course Reserves

View Your Library Account

  • View your library account to see a list of materials you have checked-out and/or renew them.
  • Contact the Information Desk 540.458.8643 if you have further questions.

Interlibrary Loan

Request Materials from Law Library (Faculty Only)

Computers & Technology

Borrow Technology Items

Computer Access

Computer Labs

  • Leyburn Library, Main Floor
    • Macs and PCs for student/faculty use are avaiable in the Inovation Lab. Several computers have attached scanners. PCs have Adobe CS, statistical software, Microsoft Office, etc. and dual monitors. The Macs have iMovie, Adobe CS, Microsoft Office, etc.
    • Computers are available for guest access near the Information Desk. No username or password needed.
  • Leyburn Library, Lower Level 3
    • A student Mac computing lab is located on Lower Level 3. Each computer has dual monitors.

Additional Computing Resources

  • The locked study rooms in Leyburn Library are wired for access to the campus network, and other study rooms on those floors are similarly wired.
  • Additional computing labs are available on campus. Call 540.458.4357 or email for more information.

Wireless Access

  • Wireless access is available in both Leyburn and Telford Science Libraries, although some areas have better access than others.

Printing & Scanning

Poster Printing

BizHub Multi-Function Print Devices

bizhub photocopier and scanner Basic Instructions on how to scan and print using the BizHub Multi-Function Print Devices are located by each BizHub machine. Contact ITS Help Desk (540.458.8645) for more information. There are a number of Biz-Hubs located in Leyburn Library (three on the main floor and one on the first floor). The Telford Science Library has a Biz-Hub on the main floor near the Circulation Desk. Log-in Instructions:

  • W&L Students: Swipe your ID card or use the last 7 digits of your student ID as your Access Code. Your account will be charged for photocopies, no charge for scans.
  • W&L Departments: use assigned Access Code. Contact Copying Services @ 540.458.8448 to set-up code.
  • All Others: request Access Code @ the Information Desk. Black & White ($0.10 per page) / Color ($0.50 per page) / Pay @ the Information Desk.

Student Printing Charges:

Copies made with student IDs are charged to students’ personal accounts. Once the subsidy is depleted, students will incur a charge each month for the output created that month. To check your printing balance email: If you think you may have been over-charged for printing, state the month(s) in which you believe you were over-charged in the body of the email.

Microfilm Machines

ST View Scan III
There are two microfilm machines located on the main floor of Leyburn Library. They may be used by W&L faculty, staff, students, and visitors. One machine (Minolta MS 6000) prints black & white ($0.10 per page). Pay for the print-outs at the Information Desk.

One machine (ST View Scan III) creates PDFs, JPEGs, and TIFFs. Files may be saved to W&L network, cloud storage, or USB.

For assistance inquire at the Information Desk.

VCRs in Leyburn Library

  • VCRs are located in Northen Auditorium (Level 1), Room 201 and Room 220 (Level 2)
  • Leyburn, M47 has auxiliary hookups for a VCR (or any video device). To request a VCR for M47 or call 540.458.4357.
  • A multi-region DVD player is available in the Video Editing Suite (M39).

Fax Machines (W&L Students, Faculty, & Staff Only)

  • There is no fax machine in the library for public use.
  • Inquire at the to get help with sending or receiving faxes.

Visitor Computing

  • Printing: Computers for guest use located near the Information Desk in the Leyburn Library. Printing costs $0.10 a page (black and white only).
  • Guest computers are located on each floor of both Leyburn Library and Telford Science Library. They are available for public use. No login required.

Study Spaces

Room Reservations

Locked Studies, Carrels, & Lockers

Individual and Group Study Spaces

Faculty Teaching Support

Services for Faculty

Library Instruction

Department Liaisons

Request VCRs & Projectors through ITS

Performance Rights

Only select films have been purchased by the University Library with Public Performance Rights (PPR) licenses and may be shown outside of the university classroom.

  • A Public Performance is any performance of a videocassette, DVD, videodisc, or film which occurs outside of the home, or at any place where people are gathered who are not family members, such as in a school or library. In most cases titles purchased or leased by the library from video and retail outlets are restricted to “home use only” and do not include public performance rights. Additionally, in most cases, admissions should not be charged.

View ALL FILMS with Public Performance Rights in W&L University Library’s collection.

Other Services

Alumni Access to Databases

The following databases are available to alumni: Academic Search Complete Alumni Edition, Business Source Complete Alumni Edition, JSTOR Alumni database, and Project Muse.

Go to Alumni Databases

NOTE: Alumni need to have a Colonnade Connections login and password set up.

Services for Retired/Faculty Staff

Retired faculty and staff are welcome to use our print collection and request interlibrary loan materials. Please contact Elizabeth Teaff to make ILL requests.

Student Employment @ the University Library

The University Library employs both work-study and payroll students.

  • Work-study students are placed in the library by Financial Aid. Please inquire with their office for more information.
  • Payroll students are hired by the library as needed. When payroll jobs are available they may be advertised in Campus Notices.

Honors Theses in the University Library

Information about depositing Honors Thesis in the University Library.

Easels for Check-Out

Leyburn Library has approximately 90 easels available for 24 hour checkout. To reserve them, email Elizabeth Anne Teaff at the University Library.

Lost & Found

Leyburn Library: Items found in Leyburn are held at the Information Desk on the main floor. Items of value (laptops, backpacks,etc.) left unattended may be picked up by library staff and brought to the Information Desk for safe-keeping. Please contact the Information Desk 540.458.8643 if you have lost something in Leyburn.

Telford Science Library: Items found in Telford are held at the Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor the Science Library. Items of value (laptops, backpacks, etc.) left unattended may be picked up by library staff and brought to the Circulation Desk for safe-keeping. Please contact the Circulation Desk 540.458.8111 if you have lost something in the library.

NOTE: Lost and found items from Leyburn and Telford Libraries will be emptied/donated on the 1st of every month. Stop by the Information/Circulation Desk in either library to check for your lost items before they are removed.

Library Maps

View University Library Floor Maps

Your Suggestions

You asked! We answered!

  • You said: “Get iPhone 5 and 6 chargers!
    We answered: “We have multiple iPhone chargers for check-out. Drop by the Information Desk in Leyburn to check one out.
  • You asked:”Why the heck did you y’all move one of the round tables away from the upper floors [of Telford]?
    We answered: “We moved that table in order to make extra study room on the main floor of Telford and we hope to add more tables to both floors in the near future. Also we add more seating. Check out the new bean bag chairs.
  • You said:”I like it when the [therapy] dog comes by.
    We answered:“Check out our events page for the next therapy dog visit.

Library Services FAQ

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