University Library Carrels & Locked Studies

University Library Carrels

For the 2020-21 academic year, the University Library has approximately 240 carrels available for short term use.

  • Personal items may not be stored in carrels overnight.
  • Please do not leave valuable items unattended in the University Library.

Leyburn Library Locked Studies

For the 2020-21 academic year, Leyburn Library has 22 locked studies. They are assigned according to the following priorities and time periods:

  1. Seniors writing honors theses. Assigned for the academic year.
  2. Faculty members doing research. Assigned on a one-term basis.
  3. Upperclassmen with projects requiring extensive library research. Assigned on a one-term basis.

University Library Student Lockers

lockersThe University Library has lockers for student use.

Main Floor of Leyburn: Lockers in these locations are are intended for short-term (24 hours or less) use. To lock and unlock enter a four digit code of your choosing.

Leyburn 2nd and 4th Floors: There are 24 lockers with keys. Keys can be checked-out from the Information Desk on a term by term basis.

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