Scanning Services

Self Service Scanning

The library provides several options for the self service use of equipment for both general and high-resolution scanning.

Printer/Scanner Use

Items equal to or smaller than 11×17 inches may be scanned using one of the many available campus printer/scanners (Bizhubs).

Users must log into these machines. If not a W&L community member, users can receive a guest login code at Leyburn Library’s Information Desk.

Bizhub Scanning Instructions

  1. Swipe card at Bizhub (printer/scanner/copier) station. If you do not have a card, manually type in your ID number or library provided user code.
  2. Press “Scan/Fax” on the Bizhub screen.
  3. If you logged in with your W&L swipe card or typed in your W&L ID, press “Email Me” within the “Address Book” tab. Pressing “Email Me” ensures that your scanned items will be automatically sent to your W&L email address. If you logged in with a library provided ID code, select the “Direct Input” tab and manually type in your email address.
  4. Open the top lid of the Bizhub. Place your document, face-down, on the top left portion of the glass. Close the lid.
  5. Press the start button. This initializes your scan.
  6. If you have several pages to scan, repeat steps 4 and 5.
  7. When finished scanning, press “Finish” on the Bizhub screen.
  8. Finally, press “Start.” Pressing start completes your scanning session and generates an email to your account.

Digitization Room (Leyburn Library, Room 113)

The Digitization Room is available by appointment to faculty, staff, & students for the scanning of materials for research, scholarship, or course work.

The room contains the following scanning equipment:

  • 1 Epson 1100XL Scanner
    • This can be used to scan transparent materials, such as photographic film negatives and slides, and more traditional paper documents. The bed of this scanner is 12.5 x 17.25 inches in size.
  • 1 Bookeye 3 Overhead Scanner
    • This can scan documents up to 35 x 24.5 inches.

Digitization Room Reservation Request

To schedule this room or ask questions, contact Paula Kiser in Collection Services.

Sakai/Coursepack Scanning

The library does not provide electronic reserves. At the request of individual faculty members, the University Library will create PDF documents for faculty to mount on their Sakai sites or to be used for Coursepacks.

Sakai Scanning

Scanned materials must be mounted on Sakai and their use limited to current students in the course.

Once the items are scanned, the faculty member will receive an email with the requested material as PDF attachments. We also include information on posting materials to Sakai.

Coursepack Scanning

Once items are scanned, the faculty member will receive an email with the requested material as PDF attachments. Submission to Copying Services for printing and coursepack creation is the responsibility of the faculty member. The library will only facilitate the PDF creation.

Sakai/Coursepack Scanning Policies

  • Items may be dropped off at the Information Desk of Leyburn Library.
  • We strive for a 24-48 hour turnaround time.
  • When scanning is complete, the library will send the scanned material in PDF form to the requesting faculty member AND to Karen Lyle to obtain permission for use.
  • For more information about curricular use of copyrighted material, view the University’s Policy for the Use of Copyrighted Works.
  • Contact Laura Hewett, Access Services Supervisor, for more information about this service.

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