Washington and Lee University Honors Theses in the Library


According to the 2016-2017 Washington and Lee University Catalog (undergraduate), “All honors programs require an honors thesis during the senior year, such as a significant report based upon field or laboratory research, a creative accomplishment in the arts, or a comparable scholarly undertaking, demonstrating more than simply a mastery of subject matter.”

Long Term Preservation

According to the 2016-2017 Washington and Lee University Catalog (undergraduate), “A permanent copy of the thesis must be deposited in the… [University Library]”.

Since 2010, the University Library has been collecting theses in digital form and adding them to our Digital Archive (DA), but we have theses in our collection dating back to the 19th century such as this one on bridge design.

Adding your unpublished work to the DA will ensure that is is available for research use. You still retain copyright to your materials.

The Washington and Lee University Digital Archive (DA) serves to preserve, share, and enhance use of materials owned or created by WLU and members of its community by making these materials available in a digital format.

NOTE: We still accept theses in print form and allow for embargos (electronic items viewable only from the campus network) for a specified period of time.

We are happy to add other types of student work to the DA such as academic posters or senior theses, however our archive does not accept data sets and accompanying files.

Submission Info

Theses may be submitted to the University library at any time after they have been accepted by the academic department by using this form.

By submitting your work, you grant non-exclusive permission to the University Library to reproduce and distribute your work in hard-copy and electronic format, and in any appropriate medium, only for the purposes of preservation and research.

Binding of Print Theses

The library does not bind theses, but the University Copy Center will.


Questions about submitting a thesis should be directed to our Digital Services Manager, Cindy Morton.

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